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Only official Scout leader field uniform and parts are acceptable. 
___Cap, Official Course Cap ___Pillow
___Official Scouting short-sleeved shirt(s) ___Mirror
___Official Scouting short(s) or trousers ___Comb
___Official Scouting socks (long or short) ___Pack (for Hiking)
___Official Scouting web belt ___Plate, bowl, and cup
___Neckerchief slide ___Knife, fork, and spoon
___(Wood Badge neckerchief will be issued) ___Canteen or Water Bottle
___Shoes/Boots suitable for hiking (not white, please) ___Ground cloth
___Raincoat, poncho, or rain suit ___Cot
___Sweater, jacket or BSA Wooljac ___Lawn Chair
___Underclothing ___Sleeping bag/blankets (liner/sheets)
___Work gloves ___Air mattress or foam pad
___Towel ___Flashlight, w/spare batteries
___Washcloth ___Ballpoint pens or pencils
___Toothbrush and paste ___Notebook and paper
___Shaving gear ___Pocketknife (no sheath knives)
___Insect repellent ___ Handbook for your Scouting program
___Sunburn lotion/Sun screen/Lip salve ___Compass

                                              Other Items to Consider

___Camera with extra film ___Sunglasses
___Religious Book(s) ___Watch
___Official Scouting long-sleeved shirt(s) ___Favorite Personal Scouting Equipment
___Sewing Kit (small) ___Cord 1/8" to 1/4", 25 feet
___Change of clothing, as desired ___Other items of your choice

NOTES - All participants will wear their normal Scouting uniform (official Scout shirt, Scout pants, web belt, socks) with the shoulder loops signifying their branches of  Scouting.   Pack or pack with frame should be used for getting gear to the campsite.  Prescribed patrol equipment will be issued for use during the course.