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Wood Badge for the 21st Century is the ultimate leadership training for Scout leaders who support unit, district, and council operations.  Many things will be learned during this experience - some will be new; others will reinforce what you already know.  The end result should be not only better Scouting, but also a better, more capable you.  In order to achieve these ends, it is important that you prepare a mission (ticket/specific plan) to use what you learn.  This plan of action is what we call the Wood Badge ticket.   

One of the great traditions of Wood Badge is the ticket.  In Baden-Powell’s day, those in the military were expected to pay their own way back to England at the end of their service.  To be thrifty, soldiers nearing completion of their duties would seek assignments at posts closer to home – a process known as “working your ticket”.  You will develop your own ticket – a list of goals that will allow you to use your new leadership and team skills in ways that strengthen Scouting in your units, districts and council. 

The Wood Badge program consists of two parts – a learning experience and an application phase.   

Part I (the learning experience) consists of either a six day long experience or a comparable period spread over two weekends during which you will be introduced to and practice leadership and team skills.  During this phase you will write your ticket (mission) - your plan for putting to use the things you have learned during practical training.  Your Troop Guide will be available to advise and assist you in this task.

Part II (the application phase) consists of the eighteen (18) month period immediately following the learning experience.  During this period you will carry out your plan or "work your ticket".  If you are attending this Wood Badge course from another council, a ticket counselor will be appointed by your home council to work with you and monitor your progress during this latter period.  If you are a Scouter from Last Frontier Council, your ticket counselor will be the same individual who serves as your Troop Guide.                               

During the eighteen months following completion of the learning experience, when you and your ticket counselor agree that the terms of your ticket have been fulfilled, your ticket counselor will recommend to your Scout Executive that the application for your Wood Badge recognition be approved.  Your Wood Badge beads, woggle, neckerchief, and certificate will be presented at a suitable ceremony.

Select from the following links to find out more about the NEW Wood Badge Ticket Information.

1.    Phase I - Preparing Your Ticket

2.    Phase II - Working Your Ticket

3.    Leadership and Team Skills and Your Ticket

4.    Wood Badge Code

5.    Within My Power

6.    Ticket Item Evaluation - S.M.A.R.T.

7.    A Wood Badge Ticket Is

8.    Seven Question Test For Goals

9.    Wood Badge Leadership and Team Skills